Over the past year at Vantage West, I have created a multitude of different marketing materials. Below is just a sample of some recent work including murals, print materials, landing page direction and basic motion graphics.
The Super Saver Program was recently re-evaluated and I was the creative direction behind the program.
Below are a few materials created for the launch of the new program including, brochures, graphics for the landing page, handouts and more.
To see the Landing Page live, you can visit VantageWest.org/Supersaver
Super Saver Landing Page
Brochure Cover
Savings Chart
The murals below are recent installations in Vantage West's brand new corporate building and North Stapley Branch. All work was designed and commissioned by me.
North Stapley Mural. Photo shot by me.

Below are a few motion graphics I've created for use in recent marketing efforts.
These are a few of our current front page carousel images that were developed by me and implemented by our Digital Marketing Specialist.

Other Projects

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