This series was commissioned as prints that could be eventually expanded into a larger series. Each character from a different TV show that peaked the client's interests. This was the start of my low poly journey to which has expanded into a greater passion. 
Below are a few images to show a brief progress of how the low poly image is formed. For this particular post I found an image of Noah Bennet that gave me plenty of shadows and depth to work with that I felt could create a great sharp image for what I was going for. Unfortunately, I don't know the actor personally so I don't have anyway to take my own photo of him and use that for reference so these pieces took me a bit longer as I drew the outline out from the photo reference and then built the inner grid from there as you can see in the middle photo. From there, I added the coloring trying to take good tones from the original photo and then altering them from there to differ and create more contrast. This also shows the expansiveness of these pieces and the amount of shapes that actually go into one of these posters. 
Here are a few other characters and celebrities I created in addition to the above series. I started to do mimic the low poly style into the background but keeping it subtle to not take away from the original image. 
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