This is a recent logo creation for a very talented videographer and photographer. The client wanted a lot of things to go into the design and i did my best to accommodate everything I could. It needed to have an edgy side for his fitness and musical side of his portfolio but also something a bit more light hearted for some landscape work and other ventures. He wanted a representation of a camera lens and flare in his logo which I used to wrap the main mark. 

The Final mark shows all the elements the client wanted.

 It included a JT and a hidden W, which seconds as a mountain range; The camera lens which really attaches well to the JT Mark and even the W/Mountains with the camera flare looking like a sun/moon; as well as the edgy but light hearted overall feel. 

If you enjoyed the images more than the logo (which I kind of hope you didn't) you should check out some more of his stuff on Instagram @jtwiseguy.

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