World Traveler, Football Fanatic &
lover of all things food related.
I've lived in 4 different countries but I call Arizona my home. After living in Tucson for 10 years, I moved to Flagstaff to pursue my passion for design and achieve a degree from NAU. Go Jacks! In addition to going to school, I held two positions as a Graphic Designer for the University creating marketing materials for a variety of areas including NAU Athletics & Clubs, admissions & graduation, & NAU Health Promotion programs.
After graduation, I left the beautiful mountain town for another amazing place in the city of Austin. There, I spent my time enjoying the live music, delicious food trucks and very modern and up & coming environment. I also kept myself busy working at the top company in student housing, and that's not an exaggeration. My time at American Campus Communities was well spent, creating the best marketing materials to students nationwide. With over 200 communities my job was to show that they were a place where students love living (that's actually ACC's trademarked slogan, don't tell them I used it here.) Another big part of my job at ACC was to help improve our communities Social Media presence. With that, I created templates for Facebook & Instagram ads as well as a catalog of graphics for communities to use. I also was the front runner for the launch of Snapchat accounts and Snapchat filters company-wide. It was very successful start as we received a few million views, in just over a year. 
After 3 great years with ACC, I decided that it was time to head back home to Tucson. Here, I have been the Multimedia Designer for Vantage West Credit Union, the largest credit union in Southern Arizona. At Vantage West, I have done everything under the sun including web & email graphics, online & print ads, 
pre-approval mailers, motion graphic advertisements including video boards for large sporting events, and even large murals. Outside of design, I am also responsible for producing all content by holding the contracts and being in contact with multiple print, sign, digital vendors to make sure projects are completed on time and at the highest level. I also provide creative direction and input to our marketing emails, web pages and social media including basic HTML/CSS coding assistance and graphic creations when needed.
Outside of my position at Vantage West, I love to create some additional freelance designs, from logos & branding to illustrated posters, and even podcast covers for NFL Players like Antonio Brown, which can be seen in my portfolio!
Also, on top of designing, I have a few other passions in my life such as the above items, finding new food (have I said that already?) and doing what I can to stay active including rock climbing, snowboarding, bicycling and playing on community softball & ultimate frisbee teams. I also enjoy to travel when I can and see as many new and exciting things as possible!
A little bit about my designs.
Low poly, WPA Style and little bit of everything else.

I enjoy all aspects of design; web, publication, brand identity, and just about anything requiring unique creativity. I have a willingness to learn, yet significant confidence in my abilities and knowledge in design.
Lately, I've been really focused on clean and geometric design. I enjoy creating images from illustrator completely out of triangles with flat colors. To see more of this see my Low Poly Characters and Portraits.

I've also have fallen in love with the WPA style of a flat three color system creating fun and exciting landscapes among other things in Adobe Illustrator. You can also see these on my portfolio under
'The Boomin Podcast' with Antonio BrownNature Silhouettes, The Wars: A Series, and Home.

To wrap it all up I do enjoy creating logos and brand identities for all kinds of companies but with my own style of clean and sharp designs. You can view a recent example under
Simpocracy or JT Wiseguy Creations.

Please feel free to check out my resume, as well as my designs on my portfolio page. If you enjoy my work and would like to see more, please visit the contact page and shoot me a message! 

Thanks Again!